We have been supplying appropriate human resources to a number of Companies in the Middle East and East Asian Countries for over a decade. We also conduct training institutes from which hundreds of capable manpower are produced yearly. Our extensive jobseeker’s database and network in community level gives ample opportunity to choose the best candidate within a very short period.

Recruiting from TIRUPATI means:

  • One-spot solutions for all categories of workers in any field
  • Working with highly competent, service-oriented and responsible staffs.
  • Quick, simple and cost effective recruitment process.
  • Testimonials of thousands of satisfied clients and jobseekers.
  • Achievement of customized service to suit your need.
  • Access to thousands of online and offline resume bank.

Other features

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Extensive network in Nepal.
  • Experienced team for every client.
  • State of the art training facilities.
  • Track record of timely service provision.
  • Professional and service delivery.
  • Adherence with the corporate cultures.
  • Always evolving to new generation.
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities

We understand every company thrives in the society and it is our responsibility to serve the society to the extent possible. With our continuous growth, we are able to provide more benefits to the society we grow on. Service is key to our success-be it in business or society. Similarly, we abide by and respect the Social values and cultures where we operate our business.


Tirupati International Manpower Pvt. Ltd. is an organization committed to providing recruitment service of the highest quality. To do this we recognize the need to operate in a highly ethical framework with a commitment to both corporate and individual responsibility and accountability. The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to instill confidence in the recruitment profession and to help an organization become a better recruiter. We truly believe that we can advance our profession by embracing this Code of Ethics.

  1. No Conflict of Interest
  2. Confidentiality & Privacy
  3. Non-Discrimination
  4. Protection of Intellectual Property
  5. Anti – Bribery & Corruption
  6. Fair Business & Promotion Practices
  7. Freely Chosen Employment
  8. Anti-human trafficking & slavery
  9. No Child Labor
  10. Accuracy, Retention of Business Records & Documents
  11. Compliance with Laws & Regulations


We adopt the highest ethical standard of our industry and operate with transparency and trust Integrity.

We work and care for everyone S. tread them as equals. It has a very significant value on how we work.

We adopt the highest ethical standard of our industry and operate with transparency and trust.

We always deliver what we promised. We shall never compromise to provide quality service to our client. Through our company commitment to excellence, we strive to meet our customer needs.

We believe in team work. We encourage our member to share their knowledge, skill 8, experience among other staffs.


  • To provide quality foreign recruitment service with customer satisfaction at the center and continuous improvement of organizational activities.
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant industry specific standards and all statutory, regulatory and legal requirements including RBA and ILO.
  • Enhancing the knowledge and skills of both management team and staff through review and actively
    pursuing an on-going training policy.
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